Fitness Programs

                               CLUB HOURS                                    INSTRUCTOR’S HOURS

               Monday –Thursday      3:00am-10:00pm                    Monday-Thursday        9:00am-9:00pm
                          Friday                 3:00am-8:00pm                                Friday                 9:00am-8:00pm
                 Saturday-Sunday        4:00am-7:00pm                              Saturday             9:00am-5:00pm
                         SUNDA              NO INSTRUCTORS                             SUNDAY            NO INSTRUCTORS

Instructors are available for personalized exercise programs for member’s age 9 and older at NO ADDITIONAL COST.  Appointments are recommended BUT are not necessary. We recommend you have 3 supervised workouts (or more if needed) until you feel comfortable with your workout. We encourage you to request this free service several times per year, as you desire, to update your workout!   Instructors are available during INSTRUCTOR HOURS ONLY. We have instructors and Personal Trainers that are certified through Under Armor, NSCA, ACE, Russian Kettlebell and more.


• Women’s Gym (must be 14 years or older), Smaller, simple, private, “ladies only”, machines, free weights &  cardio-vascular equipment

• Co-ed Gym, downstairs (must be 14 years or older), Men & women welcome, large, vast variety of equipment. Lots of free weights and machines

• Co-ed Gym, upstairs (must be 14 years or older), Men & women welcome, smaller, quieter, machines & free weights.  Excellent for beginners

• Youth Gym (ages 9-14 years of age).  Lighter weights & machines, as well as cardio-vascular equipment.  Parents are welcome and encouraged to work-out with their children. Youths who are not accompanied by an adult may use this area only during “Instructors Hours”, listed above.


• Cardio Equipment Area (must be 14 or older), wear a FM headset to listen to TV

Call 984-7738 to arrange an appointment for a “free work out”.