Child Care Center

984-4779 (direct phone number)
Monday and Wednesday 8:00AM -7:30PM
Tuesday and Thursday 8:00AM - 7:30PM
Friday 8:00AM -6:30PM
Saturday 8:30AM -1:30PM

$4.50 per hour - first child
$3.00 per hour - each additional child

6 weeks (minimum) to 8 years

Red Lerille’s Health and Racquet Club would like to welcome you to the child care center. The goal of our center is to provide high quality child care which meets the developmental needs of your child.

To fulfill our goal of caring for your child in the best possible manner, we ask that you please do the following:
1) Please make reservations. This will help us to adequately staff the center.
2) Guests’ children will be allowed in the center, but members’ children will be given priority for available space.
(Maximum 3 hour time limit per day)
3) Acquaint us with your child by filling out the personal information form.
4) Sign your child in and out of the center with each visit.
5) Come by the center to visit prior to your child's first stay with us so that he/she can become oriented to the
center’s environment with you nearby.
6) Give your child a time frame with each visit.
7) If possible, please feed your infant or toddler before bringing him/her to the center.

1) Children will be allowed to leave the center only with the person that signed them in, unless prior arrangements have been made.
2) Children can only be left in the center when one or both parents are on the premises or participating in a club-sponsored activity.
3) Food and beverages are not allowed in the center with the exception of baby bottles. We will not serve meals, but snacks will be provided at 2 1/2 hour intervals.
4) Please do not bring your child to the center if he exhibits any of the following symptoms of illness:

• Fever in the last 24 hour period.

• A heavy nasal discharge.

• Constant cough.

• Unusual rash.

• Diarrhea or upset stomach.

• Excessive crankiness.
**Please do not bring your child to the center if he is in the incubation period of a serious illness.

NECESSARY ITEMS (Please label items)
1) Disposable diapers.
2) Plastic bottles. (already prepared)
3) Change of clothes.
4) Powder and/or ointment.
5) Pacifier.
6) “Security” item, if necessary